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How to Use Anthropologie Pineapple Knobs

Anthropologie has some pineapple upside-down knobs that will make you want to spice up your decor! These little treasures are a cute little accent to any piece of furniture or project…the possibilities are endless! I was able to find these on sale 50% at $4.95 a pop…*GUSH*

So get inspired! Here’s a list of uses for decorative knobs that are too easy to pass up trying at home:

1.Upcycled mason jar lids (Photo by the Lolly Jane Blog) :

Lolly and Jane Mason Jar Lids









2. Upgraded drawer pulls like these (Photo from Pinterest):

Drawer Pulls









3. Hanging necklace wall mount (Photo from Casual Crafter) :

Hanging Jewelry Hooks

4. Hanging picture frames (Photo from Odds & Evans Blog):

Hanging Frames

5. Decorative bottle corks (Photo from Taryn Williford):

Apothecary Jar Corks


Happy shopping!

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